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For ordering the Transmission / Clutch Assembly and Components I used Bruce Couture's Modern Driveline.  They are fairly knowledgeable, are very easy to access, and customer friendly.

When ordering a clutch, I HIGHLY recommend going hydraulic.  There is no z-bar BS, extra parts, etc.  Putting in the master cylinder is a bit tricky, especially when you have a power brake booster in the way.  If spaced correctly though, you should have no problem.  Make sure that the shafts for both the clutch master cylinder and brake booster are straight and have no angle in their travel.

Picture of Clutch Master Cylinder Installed:

When the hydraulic clutch setup is installed, you do not have the worry about clearance issues with the engine block or exhaust (only 1x braided hose going into the bellhousing for the slave cylinder).  I went with McLeod, who make a very quality kit.

When bolting your bellhousing and transmission to the engine block, make sure that spacing between your engine crankshaft and the spline on your transmission is correct (do not want the spline pushing on your crank)!  I ordered a Quicktime bellhousing and it was not deep enough.

What I ended up doing was use the existing parts, but added in another plate in between the block and bellhousing.

Bellhousing drama aside, here is a list of parts needed to get your TKO600 Transmission / Clutch in:
- TKO600, Ford, 26 Spline Input, 2.87 First, .64 OD, TCET5008
- Bellhousing, QuickTime, Ford FE, Std Length TKO / T-5 Transmission (WATCH YOUR SPLINE TO CRANKSHAFT CLEARANCE)
- Crossmember, 1967-73 Mustang/Cougar, 3550/TKOs
- Mount, Transmission, Ford, T-5 Conversion/TKO/C4/Toploader
- Sleeve, 1400 Series, Used on Std Length Ford T-5/3550/TKO
- Master Cylinder, Wilwood 3/4" w/ Remote Reservoir (I did not use the Remote Reservoir and Used my McLeod Slave Cylinder from When I Had the 302)
- Slip Yoke, 31 Spline, 1330 U-Joint, TKO/C6/FMX
- Clutch Set, Kevlar/Kevlar 11" 26 Spline 1-1/8" Cable T/O Release, Pilot, Alignment Tool.  Uses 5/16" Pressure Plate Bolts
- Bolt Kit, Flywheel, 7/16", Ford/Chevy, ARP (Set of 6)
- Pressure Plate Bolt Kit, 5/16" (Set of 6)
- Harness, Backup, Ford, T-5/TKOs
- Flywheel, LBS, FE, 390/427ci Will Not Fit 428ci Motor
- Oil, Synchromesh, Amsoil, Qt
- Boot, Shifter, OEM, 69-70 Mustang, Hurst Shift Lever
- Shift Lever, Hurst, Chrome, Classic Style (65-68 Mustang) 10x5.5x1.3
- Bezel, Shift Boot, 69-70 Mustang, OEM Style C9ZZ-7262-C
- 3/8-16 Thread Chrome 5 Speed Shift Knob

Tremec TKO600:


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