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This is a website about the Best 1969 Ford Mustang Convertible ever (okay, so it is a little bit of a biased opinion, but still true).

Hopefully this will serve as a good reference for any Classic Mustang Enthusiasts and views can learn from the trials and modifications that it took to get my mustang to how it is today.

I have had this 69 Mustang since I was 17 (back in 1997).  Over the years I have been constantly making modifications, etc. to this car.

The links to the left include most of the upgrades/modifications that I have done to my car.  I am not affiliated with any these companies in any way or gain from sales, etc.  I just want to share what in my opinion are the best options (also the worst) from over a decade of the 'trials and tribulations' with this ongoing project (a classic car has no completion date).

Even if you have a car like this, for some reason, it is almost impossible to find someone who will do a good job or respect your car when working on it.  Almost everything I had someone do for me on this car, I had to eventually redo myself or it was just done 'half-assed' or not even completed.  If you are particular or even semi-particular, I would suggest doing the work yourself.  No one will respect or take the time that it takes to do a project right other than yourself for almost all aspects of 'Your Baby'.

Here is a snapshot of the Major upgrades done to this car:
- New Engine with 427 Aluminum Shelby Block Bored Out to a 496 (615 HP with 93 Octane and idles easily at 700 RPM) - Built by Keith Craft
- Tremec TKO600 Transmission / McLeod Hydraulic Clutch - Modern Drive Line
- Wilwood Brakes (6 Piston Caliper Front and 4 Piston Caliper Back /w Slotted/Drilled Rotors)
- Power Brakes (Booster, All Lines, Proportional Valve, Separate PSI Module) - Charlie at Tubes and Hoses
- TCP Front Coilover Kit (Includes Adjustable Strut Rods) - Total Control Products
- Rack and Pinion (Flaming River with Chrome Tilt Column)
- FAB9 9" Rear (3.50 Posi) - Hudlow Axle
- Slide-A-Link Traction Bars, Rear Sway Bar, and 2-Way Adjustable Vari-Shocks for Rear Suspension
- 3" Exhaust (Out the Headers, Front to Back) - Custom Built
- New Cloth Top, Frame Sand Blasted and Painted, and Converted from Manual to Power Setup - Grant's Auto Trim
- Interior Completely Restored (Including Gauges and Clock Quartz Conversion) - Grant's Auto Trim
- Wheels (Torq Thrust 2 18" Front and Back with Custom Backspacing)
- New Paint (Taken Down to the Metal and Rust Cut Out)
- Custom Stereo System - Car Tunes
- Wiring Completely Replaced (Front to Back from Painless)
-  2x Glass Packed Batteries Located in Truck (850 CCA a piece with 4/0 Cable)
- Original 1970 Bolt-In Type Convertible Windows to Replace Original Glued in 1969 Ones

Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions/comments and I'll be happy to give you feedback.  I am a fellow enthusiast as well!


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